HIV TESTING AVAILABLE! Everyone should have an HIV test at least once in their life and be re-tested as needed.

High-risk exposure includes:
• Sex (vaginal, oral & anal) with multiple partners
• Sex with HIV + person (status unknown)
• Men having sex with men
• Intravenous drug users (sharing needles/syringes)
• Diagnosis or Treatment for hepatitis, TB or STD

Rapid HIV test is available! Uses saliva or blood droplet. We also have regular blood draw available.

If getting the rapid HIV test done with saliva, you cannot have anything in your mouth 30 mins prior. This includes food, drink, mouthwash, toothpaste, etc. The test takes 20 minutes to get results.

*if positive, a person needs to be re-tested for confirmation by a health care provider with a blood test.

Rapid HIV testing is FREE!