2017 Great American Smokeout

Posted 11/16/17

Today is the Great American Smokeout! Have you ever wondered what happens to your body after you quit smoking? Here are some facts! Today is the day to make the choice to quit smoking!

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Posted 11/03/17

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, 90% of people diagnosed with Lung Cancer are current smokers or have smoked in the past. Men who smoke are 23 times more likely to get lung cancer, women are 13 times more likely. 7,300 non smokers die a year from lung cancer due to second hand smoke. For information on smoking cessation, please contact the Hancock County Health Department....

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Halloween Health and Safety

Posted 10/30/17

With tomorrow being Halloween, be sure you are taking the proper steps for yourself and your children so they have a safe and healthy Halloween!

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Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Posted 10/19/17

Next week is Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. Be sure you are doing the proper steps to keep your children safe from lead poisoning, like, getting your home and child tested! Lead poisoning is 100% preventable!

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Food Safety Education Month!

Posted 09/11/17

September is food safety education month. Here are some quick food safety education tips. If you would like to learn more about food safety, you can take our Food Handlers Course to see how you do! It is located on the home page of our website.

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Head Lice Prevention Month

Posted 09/05/17

September is Head Lice Prevention Month. It is important to know the signs and symptoms! We do offer head checks at the health department. If you or your child needs one, give us a call!

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High Blood Pressure

Posted 08/23/17

Do you or any of your family members have high blood pressure? Be sure to know all of the facts! We do offer blood pressure checks at the Health Department!

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Hepatitis B Vaccine for Newborns

Posted 08/07/17

Many new parents have questions regarding vaccinations for their newborns. The Hepatitis B vaccine raises a lot of questions. There are so many different ways this disease can be spread to your infant, and there are so many people who don't even know they have the disease. Here are some facts about Hepatitis B and newborns....

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Tick Bite Prevention

Posted 07/20/17

With the warm weather and lots of people spending more time outside, it is important to reduce your risk of tick borne infections this summer! Lyme disease is endemic in Hancock County, it is important to protect yourself from it and other tick borne diseases! Here are some tips to help protect yourself!

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Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Posted 07/17/17

It is important to take good care of yourself while pregnant or trying to become pregnant! Here are 10 tips to staying healthy during pregnancy!

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Posted 07/10/17

Did you know that cases of Salmonella are more prevalent in the summer months? Check out the facts below and follow the link for more information on Salmonella! https://www.cdc.gov/features/salmonella-food/index.html  ...

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Sun Safety

Posted 07/06/17

Did you know that the sun's rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes? Aound 5 million people a year are treated for sink cancer in the United States, follow these tips to help protect your skin from the sun's UV rays.  ...

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Fireworks Safety Month!

Posted 06/22/17

July is National Fireworks Safety Month! If not handled properly fireworks can cause severe burns and injuries, If you plan on using fireworks at your home this weekend, make sure you are using them safely and properly! Follow these tips to stay injury free this holiday weekend!

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Home Canning and Botulism

Posted 06/13/17

With Summertime here, many people will start home canning foods. It is important to know the proper way to home can foods in order to prevent botulism. Botulism can be very harmful to ones health and potentially deadly. Many cases of botulism come from home canned foods.

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Hancock County Board of Health Implementing Harm Reduction Program

Posted 06/08/17

For immediate release Contact: Donna Gialluco   June 7, 2017   Hancock County Board of Health Implementing Harm Reduction Program   The regular monthly meeting of the Hancock County Board of Health was held on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. During the meeting, the Board members reviewed and approved the Harm Reduction Program to be made available for a 30-day public comment period. The Harm Reduction Program is available for public review during normal business hours a...

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Stay Healthy at Petting Zoos

Posted 06/05/17

During the warmer months, more people will be visiting petting zoos. It is important to protect yourself from diseases like Ecoli. Follow these steps to lower your chance of becoming sick after visiting a petting zoo.

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Shingle Shot Sale!

Posted 06/01/17

We are offering our shingle shots at a discounted price until July 25th! We have a limited supply available for $15.00. Hurry and schedule your appointment now, these wont last long! Must be 60 years or older and a WV resident.  

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Healthy Swimming!

Posted 05/31/17

Now that the pools are open, its important to practice steps to healthy swimming! Healthy swimming practices will help keep you and others from germs and injuries!

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Tick Safe Zones

Posted 05/25/17

Here are some tips on how to make "Tick Safe Zones" on your property! 

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Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Posted 05/23/17

With spring here and summer approaching, you will be spending more time outside, it is important to reduce your risk of tick borne infections this year! Lyme disease is endemic in Hancock County, it is important to protect yourself from it and other tick borne diseases! Here are some tips to help protect yourself!   ...

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Hepatitis Awareness Month

Posted 05/11/17

May is Hepatitis Awareness month. The Health Department does do testing for Hepatitis B and C with risk factors. We also have vaccines for hepatitis A & B. If you need testing or vaccines, give us a call today!  

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Air Quality Awareness Week

Posted 05/03/17

This week is Air Quality Awareness Week! Follow the tips to do your part to reduce air pollution!

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Food Allergy Action Month

Posted 05/01/17

May is Food Allergy Action Month! Know how to prevent allergic reactions in the kitchen by following these tips!  

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World Immunization Week!

Posted 04/27/17

It's World Immunization Week! #VaccinesWork to save lives. Vaccines prevent more than 2 million deaths every year!

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National Infant Immunization Week

Posted 04/25/17

This week is National Infant Immunization Week! Most parents choose the safe, proven protection of vaccines. Giving babies the recommended immunizations by age two is the best way to protect them from 14 serious childhood diseases, like whooping cough and measles. Be sure your child is up to date on all vaccines by looking at the chart below! If your child needs a vaccine call the Health Department today!...

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Food Safety: Grilling 101

Posted 04/18/17

With the weather getting warmer, more and more people will start cooking on their grills. Its very important that you use the proper safety measures to prevent foodborne illnesses! Follow these tips and tricks to keep yourself and others safe!  

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Posted 04/12/17

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. It is important to know the risk factors of Oral Cancer, and to make sure you are visiting your dentist routinely!  

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Pneumonia Vaccine Available!

Posted 04/10/17

We have the pneumonia vaccine available! PNEUMOVAX 23 is a vaccine that is given as a shot. It helps protect you from infection by 23 specific bacteria which are called pneumococcus. The Hancock Co Health Department can give PNEUMOVAX 23 to people 65 years of age and older, who are a WV resident. Call for pricing & to make your appointment today!

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April is STD Awareness Month

Posted 04/06/17

April is STD Awareness Month. Keep yourself and others healthy by getting yourself tested! The Hancock County Health Department does do STD testing. Call the Health Department for more information about cost and which STD's we test for, or to make an appointment for testing. 304-564-3343.  

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Shingle Shots Available!

Posted 03/31/17

We have shingle shots available! The cost is $30.00. You must be a WV resident that is 60 or older. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!  

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Prepare for Spring Weather

Posted 03/29/17

Be sure your home is prepared for spring weather by having an emergency kit on hand! 

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Healthy Tomorrows Physical

Posted 03/27/17

Do you have PEIA health insurance and are required to do a "Healthy Tomorrows Health Report" to avoid a deductible increase? If so, the Hancock County Health Department is now offering this service for a fee of $30.00! Just bring your "Healthy Tomorrows" Sheet that looks like this into us and we will do all requirements on the sheet! If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to get the physical, give us a call! 304-564-3343.  ...

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National Nutrition Month

Posted 03/06/17

March is National Nutrition Month! Make sure you and your family are eating a rainbow of foods to stay healthy!  

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Offering HPV Vaccine Free of Charge

Posted 03/01/17

This week only, March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd the Hancock County Health Department is offering the HPV vaccine for Hancock County Residents ages 9-18 free of charge! If your child has not had the HPV vaccine and needs one, call us today! We are also accepting walk-ins.

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Proper Hand Washing

Posted 02/28/17

With it being the height of flu season, here is a video from the CDC on how to properly wash your hands to protect yourself and others from getting sick! Not only is it very important to wash your hands and wash them properly during flu season, but also everyday of the year!   https://youtu.be/lhmYLwDdPuE  

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Adults Need Vaccines Too!

Posted 02/14/17

As an adult, it is important to keep up with your vaccines! Being vaccinated ensures you are keeping yourself and those around you safe from disease. Such vaccines include: Seasonal influenza (flu) (for all adults) Pertussis (whooping cough) (for all adults who have not previously received the Tdap vaccine and for women during each pregnancy) Tetanus and diphtheria (every 10 years following Tdap vaccine) Shingles (for adults 60 years and older) Pneumococcal disease (for adult...

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Clean Air Regulation

Posted 02/09/17

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Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Posted 02/07/17

Every year at least 430 people die in the United States due to accidental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Be sure you are taking the proper steps to prevent CO poisoning. Here are some tips to follow to keep you and your family safe.

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Posted 01/25/17

Norovirus is a highly contagious stomach virus that leads to vomiting diarrhea and stomach pains. Norovirus is also called food poisoning or a stomach bug. Even though it shares similar symptoms, it is NOT the flu! During the winter months, Norovirus is more common and easily spread. Read the information below to get the facts and how to prevent yourself from getting and spreading Norovirus!   norovirus-facts...

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HPV Vaccine

Posted 01/19/17

HPV vaccination is the best way to prevent many types of cancer; it is reducing HPV disease and is recommended for ages 11 and 12. The Hancock County Health Department does offer the HPV vaccine, call us to schedule your child's appointment today!  

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2017 Food Handlers Classes!

Posted 01/11/17

The Hancock County Health Department will be having numerous Food Handlers Classes throughout the month of February! With Lent coming up, we have a lot of establishments do fish fry's. If you need a new food handlers card for work, or are working one of these fish fry's, now's the time to take the Food Handlers Class! To take one of the classes at the Hancock County Health Department, you do need to pre-register. Do so by calling 304-564-3343....

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National Radon Action Month

Posted 01/05/17

Have you had your home checked for radon? For National Radon Action Month, we want to focus on one of the major issues in Hancock County. Did you know that Hancock County has the highest potential for elevated levels of radon? Make sure you get your home tested!  

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Car Seat Safety

Posted 01/04/17

Protect your children in the event of an automobile accident by using the proper car seat safety measures! 

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Shingle Shots Available!

Posted 12/15/16

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Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather.

Posted 12/13/16

Be sure that your home is ready for winter weather such as bitter cold and snow! Follow these steps to ensure your family will be safe this winter!  

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National Influenza Vaccination Week

Posted 12/05/16

It is National Influenza Vaccination Week! Be sure to call and schedule and appointment to get yours! 304-564-3343

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World AIDS Day

Posted 12/01/16

Today is World Aids Day. Stop the spread of HIV and AIDS by getting tested. There are more than 1.2 million people in the US living with HIV. There is believed to be over 156,000 people living undiagnosed with HIV. The only way to know is to get tested! The Hancock County Health Department does do HIV testing. Contact us today to set up your appointment. 304-564-3343.  ...

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Thanksgiving Food Safety

Posted 11/22/16

Are you cooking Thanksgiving Dinner this year? Be sure to follow these 5 food safety tips to ensure your food is safe to eat, keeping your guests healthy!  

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Great American Smoke Out Day!

Posted 11/17/16

It is Great American Smoke out Day! Its the perfect day to start a tobacco free lifestyle! Did you know that over 40 Million Americans still smoke cigarettes? Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable disease and deaths in the world. If you need more information on how to start a tobacco free life, please visit the Hancock County Health Department!  ...

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Meningitis B Vaccine

Posted 11/07/16

Currently, Meningitis B coverage is NOT in the required meningitis vaccine for 7th & 12th graders at this time, but it is recommended. Children 16 to 18 years is the target group for this 2 shot vaccine. If your child is a WV resident and does not have health insurance, does not have vaccine coverage or is on the WV medical card, please call the Hancock Co Health Department to get information on possible fees & to make an appointment. If your child has private health insurance that cover...

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Prevent Lyme Disease!

Posted 11/07/16

With spring here and summer approaching, you will be spending more time outside, it is important to reduce your risk of tick borne infections this year! Lyme disease is endemic in Hancock County, it is important to protect yourself from it and other tick borne diseases! Here are some tips to help protect yourself! ...

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Thank you OGMS!

Posted 11/02/16

A big shout out to Oak Glen Middle School for supporting breast cancer awareness month! With their generous donation HCHD raised $2,000 to contribute to the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer screening fund! Thank you!  

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Stepping Towards a Healthier Life Style 2016

Posted 11/01/16

The Upper Ohio Valley Diabetes Coalition is partnering with the Hancock County Health Department in sponsoring a "Stepping Towards a Healthier Life Style" Walking contest. You may pick up a FREE pedometer at the Health Department or use your own device, such as a FitBit, Apple Watch, Fuel Band or Jawbone. Beginning Monday November 7th through November 30th, track your steps and report it to the Health Department for a chance to win a gift card! You can call the Health Department. message the Hea...

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Lead Poisoning Prevention Week 2016

Posted 10/24/16

This week is Lead Poisoning Prevention Week! Make sure, as a parent, you know the steps to take to prevent lead poisoning in your child. If you need more information on lead poisoning, please contact the Hancock County Health Department at 304-564-3343!

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Walk for Women, Thank you!

Posted 10/12/16

On behalf of the Hancock County Health Department staff and the West Virginia Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program I would like to thank all walkers and sponsors for making The Walk for Women…Take a Step Against Breast Cancer Awareness walk a success! Our t-shirt sponsors included Weirton Medical Center, First Choice America Community Federal Credit Union, CHANGE, Inc.  and Stuff With Attitude. Thanks also goes out to Mountaineer Casino, Sparkle Market,  Fox’s Pizza  Den, Sh...

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World Rabies Day 2016

Posted 09/27/16

September 28, 2016 is World Rabies Day! Rabies is a preventable, fatal disease that is contracted by the bite of a rabid animal. It is very important to keep your pet vaccinated against rabies.  If you suspect you have been bitten by an un-vaccinated,  rabid animal you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to receive the rabies vaccine. We have had positive cases of rabies in Hancock County so it is very important to use caution when around wild, and un-vaccinated animals.  ...

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Thunderstorm Safety

Posted 07/12/16

During the summer months, there is an increased risk of severe weather. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to follow during a thunderstorm! 

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Shingle Shots Available Now!

Posted 06/27/16

The Hancock County Health Department is pleased to announce it has received a limited supply of Shingles Vaccines through a grant from the State of WV Immunization Program. The vaccine is available to any West Virginia resident 60 years of age or older at the cost of $30.00 regardless of income or insurance coverage. The Health Department accepts cash, check, or credit cards for payment. Residents must call the Health Department to make an appointment to be vaccinated. Michelle Truax RN, Nurs...

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Well Water Testing

Posted 06/13/16

The Hancock County Health Department does do well water testing! The test is $45.00 and done by appointment only. We do not do water testing for homes with public water. If you would like to have your well water tested, please call to make an appointment!

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Bat Tests Positive For Rabies In Chester

Posted 05/26/16

On Tuesday September 22nd, the Hancock County Health Department confirmed that a bat from the Chester area has tested positive for the Rabies virus. As a reminder, all pet owners are required to have their pets vaccinated, should they come in contact with a rabid animal. Rabies is a fatal virus, should you encounter an animal acting strangely, please contact the, the Hancock County Dog Warden at 304-564-3311 Ext. 292 or the Health Department at 304-564-3343. Residents should be cautious if they ...

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NEW SERVICE! Lab testing!

Posted 05/04/16

NEW SERVICE! The Hancock County Health Department is pleased to announce that we are now offering lab testing! We are featuring a "Know your Levels" comprehensive blood analysis package! This package is $45.00. We are also offering many other blood draws such as, A1C (Sugar), TSH (Thyroid) and PSA (prostate), HCG (pregnancy testing). Pricing is depending on what tests you have done. Call today for more information or to schedule your appointment! We will have lab testing available Monday-Friday ...

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Mosquito Bite Prevention

Posted 04/18/16

Many mosquito problems begin at your home. Mosquitoes can carry harmful diseases and be very bothersome.  It is important to eliminate all of the factors that lead to the breeding of mosquitoes. Use this information sheet and checklist to make sure that you are eliminating mosquitoes from your property....

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National Infant Immunization Week!

Posted 04/11/16

This week is National Infant Immunization Week! Is your infant up to date on all vaccines? CDC has a parent-friendly childhood immunization schedule.  Quickly see when your child needs each vaccine, so you can stay on schedule and make sure your baby is protected against 14 serious diseases by age two: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/easy-to-read/child.html...

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$10 Flu Shots!

Posted 04/06/16

The Hancock County Health Department is now offering flu shots for $10 cash! Call today to schedule your appointment! 304-564-3343!

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FREE Home Disaster Preparedness Class!

Posted 03/17/16

The Hancock County Health Department is conducting a free home disaster preparedness class at the Hancock County Senior Services Center on April 14th at 10AM! Seating is limited to 30, so please register early! Lunch is provided at no cost! Contact Hancock County Senior Services to register at: 304-564-3801 or snkabenshue@hancocksrsvs.org ...

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Salmonella Awareness

Posted 03/11/16

Did you know that live baby poultry can carry salmonella? If you are handling live baby chicks, ducklings, or any other baby bird, it is very important that you wash your hands after handling them!  

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Groundwater Awareness

Posted 03/10/16

National Groundwater Awareness week is observed March 6-12, 2016. Are you one of the 13 million Americans living with a private well? It is important to protect yourself and your family from harmful bacteria and chemicals that may enter your well water. It is important to have you well water tested because, water wells are not subject to EPA regulations. This means the only way of knowing if your water well is contaminated is to get it tested. Different ways that your well can become conta...

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Zika Virus and Pregnancy

Posted 02/16/16

Zika and Pregnancy: Zika Virus Information: The Zika Virus can be spread from the pregnant mother to the baby during pregnancy. Getting infected with the Zika Virus during pregnancy may be linked to birth defects in babies. The Zika Virus is spread by being bitten by and infected mosquito. These mosquitoes are known to bite throughout the day. The species is an Aedes species of mosquito. Outbreaks are likely to continue due to the tropical region the mosquitoes that spread the viru...

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Be Prepared for Winter Weather

Posted 02/12/16

When winter temperatures drop significantly below normal, staying warm and safe can become a challenge. According to a 2014 CDC National Health Statistics Report, during 2006–2010, about 6,600 U.S. residents died from exposure to excessive natural cold, hypothermia, or both. What is extremely cold weather? The definition of extreme cold can vary. After all, what is cold to one person may not feel that cold to another. People who live in regions with relatively few days of freezing temperatu...

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10 Reasons To Get Vaccinated!

Posted 02/12/16

There are many important reasons to get vaccinated. Talk to your doctor to make sure you are up-to-date on the vaccines that are right for you. Did you know that adults need vaccines too? If you didn't, you are not alone. Many adults in the U.S. are not aware of vaccines recommended for them – and that means they are not taking advantage of the best protection available against a number of serious diseases. There are many reasons to get vaccinated, here are just ten. You may be at ...

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Open to the Public: Food Handler Class February 2nd

Posted 01/25/16

The Hancock County Health Department will conduct a Food Handler Class open to the public at Saint Paul School, located at 140 Walnut Street, Weirton on Tuesday, February 2nd at 9:00 AM. Any person involved in food service in Hancock County is required to possess a current Food Handler card. The class is for volunteers as well as those employed in the food service industry. Food safety cannot be taken for granted. Food employees must be educated about safe procedures such as personal hygi...

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Information for the Public Regarding Shigellosis

Posted 07/08/15

What is shigellosis? Shigellosis is a serious gastrointestinal illness caused by the Shigella bacteria. Shigella is very easy to spread from one person to another. It is very serious in babies, older adults, and people who are not well. How is shigellosis spread? Shigella is shed in the stool of infected people and is most often spread: on hands that have not been washed after using the bathroom from touching others or by touching food or drinks that others will eat by sexual practice...

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Hancock County Board of Health Implementing Fees for Services

Posted 04/28/15

The regular monthly meeting of the Hancock County Board of Health was held on Tuesday, April 7, 2015. During the meeting, the Board members reviewed and approved the Environmental Fees for Services to be effective FY 2015-2016. The 2015-2016 Environmental Fees for Services Schedule is available for public review during normal business hours at the Hancock County Health Department in New Cumberland, WV; The Mary H. Weir Public Library in Weirton; The Swaney Memorial Library in New Cumberland; a...

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Amendment to the Hancock County Clean Air Regulation

Posted 04/23/15

At a regular meeting of the Hancock County Board of Health on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, the Board members reviewed and amended the Hancock County Clean Air Regulation of 2014. The amendment re-defines “Enclosed Area” (Section 1002. Part d) The amended definition is available for a 30-day public notification period beginning April 27, 2015. A copy to the amendment is available for public review on the Hancock County Website and in person, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday fro...

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